Which areas do you service?

We are very happy to announce that Maavadu now serves all areas of Chennai!  

Timings of delivery?

We deliver twice a day, for lunch and dinner. Lunch between 9:00-11:00am and Dinner between 6:30-8:00pm. We've taken a lot of care to ensure that these timings will be the most suitable for everyone, and deliver 6 days a week (except Sunday)

How do I place an order?

Please click on the "Place an order" page on the website, and dial the number given. Our family will be happy to talk to you! (044-40263646)



Is the food prepared hygienically? 


If you need to know one thing about this family run business- it's that we place our product over profits. Always.​ Our kitchens are scrubbed clean twice a day, our cooks follow strict cleanliness rules and our veggies and grains are double-washed to be sure. Again, this is an extension of our kitchen- so you can trust when we say that this is the same quality of food, that our entire household enjoys!


What payment options do you have? 


We accept IMPS, NEFT, and direct bank transfers. If you choose to make an international payment for your family residing here, please contact us directly- for Western Union or PayPal.

Further, you may deposit cash, or cheque, call us at 044-40263646.

I don't eat certain vegetables, would you be able to accomodate my request?

While we do not yet customize individual orders, we do allow you to opt out of the dish of the day that you do not prefer (Eg. Kathrika Sambhar / Podalanga Kootu) and we will substitute that with a portion of our lip-smacking, house-made parrupu-podi, pulikaachal, milagu-kozhambu, thogayal or thokku!  

Do you any specific nutritional guidelines?

The food we prepare under Maavadu, is the same food that our entire family enjoys at home. The recipes are a closely held secret, passed down from many generations- and it encompasses a healthy dose of greens, lentils, pulses, grains, vegetables and spices, all of constitute the building blocks of a healthy, balanced diet!

Can you make the food diabetic friendly?

All the food prepared at Maavadu, is already consciously made, keeping in mind the health, well being and nutritional requirements of all age groups. Hence, our food is still very suitable for every day consumption, irrespective of diabetic condition or not. Except of course, on days when we prepare specific items like Kezhangu, betroot etc, we kindly recommend that you consume our kootu or keerai, instead.

Do you do customized orders?

While we do not customize individual, every day orders, we will be more than happy to provide you a customized menu if you require us to cater to a special event that has over 50 invitees / or any bulk order for that matter. Do call us at 044 40263646 for the same, and we will be happy to serve you.

Can you tell beforehand what the menu is?

That hint of surprise, when we open the vessel to discover what the menu for the day is- ensures that there is always the element of surprise and curiosity when it comes to Maavadu's delivery!

Which is why we encourage you to subscribe, to find out what tomorrow's menu is!

Can I come pickup from your outlet?

Certainly! Do come to our outlet-kitchen to do so. While we do have our own disposable containers to pack them for you- we kindly request you to bring your own vessels.