Some families eat to live, others live to eat; and ours surely falls under the latter. Promoted by Pyramid Natarajan, Maavadu.in was formed to be a simple extension of our family's kitchen at Mahadeven Street, West Mambalam; especially after a flurry of requests recently to begin a meal-delivery system. We felt that there is an ever-increasing need for clean, simple and vegetarian home style food, served daily, and thus, Maavadu was born. 


Spending over 3 hours a day, making food at home is certainly a drain on our every-day schedules; especially for working women, and for the older members of the family. Freedom from your kitchen is purely what we're aiming for, and all you need to have, is a tumbler of water, and plates to eat from!

Enjoy warm, freshly prepared, pure vegetarian, home food- delivered daily; for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!



Our operating mantra is very simple- serve others exactly what we serve ourselves, and the rest will follow through.

The kootus, pitlais, rasavangis, masiyals and thogayals from before are long overdue a comeback, and we look to be the ones leading the revival. 

Treat this as our personal invitation to join the subscription, at our special introductory prices. 

From our family, to yours!

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